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Our prices for Roofing in Worcester

Model of roofing Price per sq.foot installed from
XT tm 25 Three - Tab Shingles USD 3,8 - Average project cost: 6840$
Landmark PRO Architectural Shingles USD 3,9 - Average project cost: 7020$
Landmark Premium Architectural Shingles USD 4 - Average project cost: 7200$
Royal Sovereign Three - Tab Shingles USD 3,95 - Average project cost: 7110$
Timberline HD Lifetime Architectural Shingles USD 4,05 - Average project cost: 7290$
Camelot II Designer Shingles USD 4,45 - - Average project cost: 8010$
Slateline Lifetime Designer Shingles USD 4,8 - Average project cost: 8640$

roofer worcester

How to Choose the Right Worcester MA Roofing Contractors

If you are looking for a reliable Roofer in Worcester MA,Ubrothers construction. is your failsafe option.

There are many roofing contractors in Worcester, MA. Choose wisely and you will have a properly installed roof that lasts decades. Choose the wrong contractor and you will end up with a wonky roof that will cost you more money to reinstall or worse, put your and your family’s life in danger. This detailed guide will provide you with all you need to find the best one.

How to Choose the Right Worcester MA Roofing Contractors

  • Choose local.

Simply put, if you live in Worcester, MA, searching for roofer Worcester MA for your roofing needs is the best option. Local businesses are more familiar with the local rules and regulations in your community, If you need roof repair worcester ma, just choose locals. 

  • Check if they offer the service you need.

It seems kind of obvious, but most people think if they install roofs, they also offer roof repair services. However, it may not always be the case. Be sure to talk to your prospective contractors about your needs now and whatever future needs you anticipate and make sure they offer these services. The most common services offered by roofing contractors include installation, upkeep, repairs, and/or replacement.

  • Check their Roof repair portfolio for work quality.

Before working with any contractor; you must take time to review their body of work. Look at their previous projects, contact their past clients, ask for first-hand references, read testimonials from the people they worked with. On Top Roofing Worcester MA has a page on their website dedicated to photos of their past work. Pages like this are really helpful when shopping for your roofing contractor.

  • Look for manufacturer designations.

Manufacturer designations are important. This badge of honor is given only to contractors who pass the certification requirements of manufacturers. Although some manufacturers have more rigorous certification requirement than others, manufacturer designations symbolize quality and standing.

  • Check their BBB score.

This is a no-brainer. There are many fly-by-night companies out there. Go to the Better Business Bureau registry for two things: first to see if they are even listed; and second for their score.

  • Check their license and insurance.

A roofing contractor, of course, has to be licensed to operate. This does not deter unlicensed ones from passing themselves off as legitimate businesses. Additionally, the contractor should have insurance policies on all their employees and even the subcontractors. Roofing is not easy work and accidents do occur. If a worker is injured in your home and they are not properly insured; all manners of hell will break lose. This could result to you paying more or even a possible litigation. Ask for a copy of their license and insurance certificate and check the status from the governing body concerned.

  • Look at how they communicate.

Ask questions regarding the cost, financing agreements, who will perform the service, what happens if you are unsatisfied with the results, unplanned repairs, etc. As a homeowner, it is your right to ask questions. Look at how the contractor responds to your questions. You want to choose someone who gives you straightforward and specific answers and does not beat around the bush or give you grandiose promises. Communication is key in a roofing project.

You might have thousands of results for Roofer Worcester MA but armed with these simple tips; you will be able to differentiate between the options available and choose the right roofing contractor for you.

Roofing brands we care in Worcester:

CertainTeed, GAF

gaf roofingcertainteed roofing worcester



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    We had UBrothers Construction rebuild our roof as well as replaced old wood siding with new fibercement. Andrii and his team were wonderful to work with. They were very professional, helpful and friendly. We were very pleased with the outcome. This was a very enjoyable experience. Highly recommend them.


    U Brothers did a wonderful job on our project. We needed a roof, siding, some windows and doors. The crew showed up early and stayed late every day. They were polite and cleaned up at the end of each day. We had one mixup with the doors but Andrii took care of it right away. All of our neighbors have complimented us on how nice our house looks! We are very happy with the results.


    We chose U Brothers to do a complete renovation on the outside of our home. They replaced the windiows, roof, siding and gutters. The transformation was amazing!. They were wonderful to work with and their crew was there everyday working hard, they were polite and courteous. I would recommend U Brithers to anyone looking for a home contractor, we are so happy we chose them and couldn’t be any happier with results. Our neighbors compliment our hone all the time.

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