Durable, modern, chic, and space saving; sliding windows are a very popular choice among homeowners. Not only is it great for allowing air to flow; they are perfect for a variety of spaces and rooms.

Before you search for sliding windows for sale, let us give you some information about this versatile window type. Whether you are thinking of buying or replacing sliding windows, this article has you covered with everything you need to know about these nifty little sliders.


What are Sliding Windows?


They are also called gliding or slider windows because that is what they do; they slide and glide. These windows have sashes that allow the panes to slide from left to right. Slider windows open without protruding so they are perfect for walkway-facing rooms, porches, and patios. However, they are so versatile that they look great in every room.

There are a variety of different sliding windows sizes; come in two- or three slide combinations; and can be made of different materials. Whatever your needs and preferences are, there is a slider window for you.


Wood or Vinyl Sliding Windows?


Frames made of wood and vinyl are popular options for slider window frames. When choosing between them, it’s best to consider the pros and cons of each.

Wood frames for slider windows are considered the most durable, visually-appealing, and energy efficient. It enhances the aesthetics of the house and that can drive up market value. Most wood windows have long warranties as well. Nevertheless, wood is more expensive and requires more maintenance.

Vinyl slider window frames, on the other hand, are cheaper. Although they are not as strong as wood, quality vinyl can still last a long time and help you save on energy costs. In addition, they do not need as much maintenance as wood frames. However, they offer fewer design options and don’t look as elegant.

Both materials are formidable options. If you are still torn about which one to choose, maybe consider which room in the house you are installing it. For instance, sliding basement windows can be vinyl and patio windows can be wood since it is the part of the house that most people would see. If you have it, flaunt it, after all.


Slider Windows: The Benefits


  1. Full View – Slider windows are excellent for openings that are wider than they are taller. Wide slider windows allow you to have a full, large, unobstructed views of the outdoors. You will also get the benefit of natural light.

  2. Ventilation – The design of slider window allows air to pass through unobstructed for maximum ventilation.

  3. Energy Efficiency – Slider windows are designed to be energy efficient. They help keep the temperature in your home consistent and help lower electricity costs.

  4. Ease of Use – Slider windows are very easy to open and close.

  5. Low Maintenance – They have fewer moving parts than other types of windows; making them not only easy to use, but also easy to clean and maintain.

  6. Durability – Other window types have a lot of moving parts like springs, pulleys, etc. These wear and tear over time. Slider windows do not have these parts, making them more durable.

  7. Low Cost – Depending on the model and material; slider windows cost anywhere from $800 to $1000 including installation and other services.


With their energy efficiency, low maintenance characteristic, and unobstructed views, sliding windows are a great option for any home.