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Wayland, MA

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Feel free to contact us at any time as to the renovation of your home.


1 per household. Residential use only. Must be presented at the time of in-home consult.


Can not be used on previous work.

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Siding and Roofing Prices in Wayland, MA

Model of siding Price per sq.foot installed from
MainStreet USD 5,95 - Average project cost:
Encore USD 5,6 - Average project cost:
Monogram USD 6,28 - - Average project cost:
Everlast Composite Siding Clapboards USD 9,45 - Average project cost:
HARDIESHINGLE® SIDING USD 11 - Average project cost:
HardiePlank Lap siding USD 8,43 - Average project cost:
White Cedar Shingles/Cedar Siding USD 12,5 - Average project cost:
Red Cedar Shingles / Cedar Shingle Panels / Cedar Siding USD 12,2 - Average project cost:
Wood Clpboard USD 9,5 - Average project cost:
Model of roofing Price per sq.foot installed from
XT tm 25 Three - Tab Shingles USD 3,8 - Average project cost: 6840$
Landmark PRO Architectural Shingles USD 3,9 - Average project cost: 7020$
Landmark Premium Architectural Shingles USD 4 - Average project cost: 7200$
Royal Sovereign Three - Tab Shingles USD 3,95 - Average project cost: 7110$
Timberline HD Lifetime Architectural Shingles USD 4,05 - Average project cost: 7290$

Searching for Wayland roofing or siding doesn’t have to be stressful. Call UbrotherConstructions and we’ll make the entire process simple and rewarding. We serve Holliston, Medway, Medfield, Weston and other Massachusetts areas 

Sound Exterior Remodeling Services in Wayland

Best exterior remodeling contractors in Wayland

Old houses create lots of challenges for homeowners. Once you've repaired drafty doors that are a source for currents of cool air, cracked window frames can bring new problems to deal with, or the leaking roofing system starts to cause musty odors and fungus growth. Whether your current residence exterior is aged, deteriorated, and worn out or you’re just looking to add a touch of freshness, modernized exterior components can re-shape your house look and bring premium aesthetics. Here are the top reasons to go into home renovations:

Broken parts compromise the design. UBrothers Construction crew is capable of refreshing obsolete exteriors. Timeless home renovation solutions that last are generated by the company with the top needs of every client in mind. Properly trained and licensed experts help to revive beauty through:

  • astonishing windows and door designs;
  • inspiring and durable cladding;
  • well-created roofs.

Being focused on meeting the continually evolving and growing clients' needs, experts do their job with honesty and are able to execute a vast range of complex makeover tasks.

Monthly energy costs run up quickly. If you don't want to end up overpaying for monthly utility bills due to the fact that your home performs inefficiently, hiring windows and door experts or siding and roofing contractors in Wayland, you will be able to cut down the cash you spend on energy bills.

The level of interior comfort has dropped. Small interior decorative elements can bring pleasant changes and improve overall ambiance. However, it is unlikely that, for example, improved artificial lighting can replace natural light. In case you strive to get brighter rooms, it is better to invest in windows that offer access to views and sufficient light to come in. Struggling with mold and mildew on your walls or in the attic, you can fight it by applying a DIY approach. However, to completely get rid of it, it is still better to cooperate with experts in re-roofing or siding contractors in Wayland. Exterior modernization offered by UBrothers Construction is the only proven way to bring back comfort inside and restore quality of life.

How to calculate exterior renovation cost in Wayland

Calculating the cost for a major exterior overhaul can be intimidating. Also, cooperating with dishonest specialists, more likely, you will have unexpected expenditures down the road. So, it is of paramount importance to have the right people for the job execution who are capable of sharing all the details on pricing and won't hide anything from your sight. Just determine your exterior needs, priorities, and goals. After, you can communicate your desires and vision with UBrothers Construction specialists, and they will help you to estimate your next home improvement.

It’s time to hire roofing contractors in Wayland

Over the years, detrimental weather effects can lead to shingles discoloration and staining, moss growth, and unwanted cracks. However, the recognized roofing company in Wayland with a proven track record of customer satisfaction will ensure a dramatic visual change and regain your home's functionality. New roofs are crucial due to a myriad of factors:

  • it gives your house a total makeover;
  • a complete transformation that new roofing system delivers can increase the property's marketability;
  • innovative materials outperform older versions in terms of quality, longevity, and aesthetics.

As for roofing prices in Wayland, obviously, it is quite high, as excellence requires skillful craftsmanship. Thus, most homeowners after getting a final project quote can stumble back and refuse the idea of re-roofing. However, updating this exterior component is a good investment from which you will definitely benefit.

Is upgrading siding in Wayland worth it?

Since project ROI is one of the top considerations, replacement of siding is a remodel type that always pays off and brings a good return. Moreover, with panels that come in a variety of colors and textures and are impervious to an array of factors, you can imbue outdated walls style with a touch of newness and uniqueness. With a tasteful re-styling that a properly installed vinyl or composite siding delivers, any exterior surface will gain a distinctive look.

Siding prices in Wayland

Thinking about how to cover your next remodel is a quite stressful experience, as the costs are spruce up and can cause frustration. So, wondering how much do outside panels cost to replace, you can contact UBrothers Construction and get the idea of the budget you must allocate for the services. The siding prices in Wayland vary depending on the material type and square footage. But the average costs for the job performed by the UBrothers team can range between $8860 - $45400.

Services for window replacement in Wayland

For any homeowner who has tired from dealing with leaks or drafty windows, free-maintenance options with solid frames that don't require constant care and repairing are a good choice. Moreover, this is a reliable way to add a feeling of elegance and personality to your home, standing out from your neighbors. And even if a window is considered as an exterior component, it can affect your interior comfort too. So probably it is the right time to get rid of unwanted air escaping and drafts and unwelcomed moisture penetration.

Window replacement best company in Wayland

Accurate measurements and installation, the right material and window design, as well as transparent price shaping, are essential for obtaining the most out of the replacement project. Hiring UBrothers Construction, you get assistance from licensed, knowledgeable, and vetted experts who will ensure superiority in every step of home renovations from selecting windows to cleaning up the site after the job is done. Valuing your trust, experts will do their best to exceed your expectations.

Exterior doors for home in Wayland

Looking into installing a new front door and transforming the entryway to make an impressive visual statement and add security, consider the following door options available in the catalog of UBrothers Construction:

Energy-efficient and stunning patio doors. Wide patio doors bring the outside world and natural light in. Every unit is manufactured from durable glass with an extra coating that ensures high-efficiency ratings, reflecting sun rays and heat. Moreover, sliding doors will become a great addition that has a powerful visual impact.

Entry doors with resistant wooden frame. Resilient and theft-proof solid doors can withstand the test of time and bring back a sense of security. The rust-free options will capably serve for decades, pleasing the eye.

Best exterior door installers in Wayland

Apart from new siding, roof, and windows, the company offers to update your entry doors. Since exterior doors are pegged as a critical component for energy efficiency, home’s beauty, and security, you must not overlook those hazards that old structures can conceal due to cracks, drafts, and visual imperfections. Going into door renovation, rely on experts who are committed to consistently ensuring a top-tier level of services, only superior products, and proficient and hassle-free workmanship.


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