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Medfield, MA

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 Feel free to contact us at any time as to the renovation of your home.


1 per household. Residential use only. Must be presented at the time of in-home consult.


Can not be used on previous work.


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Siding and Roofing Prices in Medfield, MA

Model of siding Price per sq.foot installed from
MainStreet USD 5,95 - Average project cost:
Encore USD 5,6 - Average project cost:
Monogram USD 6,28 - - Average project cost:
Everlast Composite Siding Clapboards USD 9,45 - Average project cost:
HARDIESHINGLE® SIDING USD 11 - Average project cost:
HardiePlank Lap siding USD 8,43 - Average project cost:
White Cedar Shingles/Cedar Siding USD 12,5 - Average project cost:
Red Cedar Shingles / Cedar Shingle Panels / Cedar Siding USD 12,2 - Average project cost:
Wood Clpboard USD 9,5 - Average project cost:
Model of roofing Price per sq.foot installed from
XT tm 25 Three - Tab Shingles USD 3,8 - Average project cost: 6840$
Landmark PRO Architectural Shingles USD 3,9 - Average project cost: 7020$
Landmark Premium Architectural Shingles USD 4 - Average project cost: 7200$
Royal Sovereign Three - Tab Shingles USD 3,95 - Average project cost: 7110$
Timberline HD Lifetime Architectural Shingles USD 4,05 - Average project cost: 7290$

Searching for Medfield roofing or siding doesn’t have to be stressful. Call UbrotherConstructions and we’ll make the entire process simple and rewarding. We serve Wayland, Holliston, Medway, Weston and other Massachusetts areas

Advanced Upgrade Solutions and Exterior Remodeling in Medfield

Well-performed home improvements can turn the most lackluster homes into bright and eye-catching objects. Switching to a long-lasting exterior material, you will get rid of the hassles of ever having constant repairs and fixing and gain a unique chance to boost marketability. From siding to entry doors, keep your residence looking its best with great remodeling assistance from UBrothers Construction. Remember that even well-maintained and constantly restored houses may require some major makeovers. If your house looks freshly revamped, it means that you are in trend and really take care of your property and living experience.

Exterior remodeling prices in Medfield. Obviously, a fresh coat of appealing paint or beautifully decorated outdoor lighting fixtures are budget-friendly decorative ideas. However, such changes will have only a minor visual impact and won’t boost resale value. For adding a character to the exterior and bringing your home’s efficiency back, only the major modernization must be done. A full remodel of superb quality committed by proficient installers costs thousands of dollars. Thus, a new roofing system can cost up to $10,000, solid entry doors prices range between $2200-$4700, etc. Going into remodeling, it is advisable to learn prices and clear out all financial aspects.

Medfield outside home renovation basics. Tackling several upgrade projects, there are so many considerations that must be taken into account. To enliven dull exterior and uplift aesthetics, first of all, every homeowner must inspect imperative components. Aged parts that affect the level of beauty should be replaced. Harmony of architectural style is of high importance. A balanced design pertains to selecting the right models, colors, textures, and materials that can coexist together. If you get lost in a wide range of exterior products, it's always best to rely on experts.

Exterior remodeling experts in Medfield. Let UBrothers Construction crew be your guides during your next home renovations, as the diversity of skills and an array of successfully undertaken projects allow professionals to deliver exceptional transformations of your exterior.

Importance of well-constructed roofing 

No other exterior component experiences as many impacts and exposure as the roofing system. Your roof is the first line of protection against weather effects and defense from destructive elements. It stands between the outside world and the interior. If you've noticed buckled and cracked shingles, rot caused by excessive moisture that is trapped into the holes of broken material and accumulated sediments, or growing plants and lichens that decrease the curb appeal, it is time to re-shape the whole roofing system to restore its function and ensure a healthier living environment.

Services for roofing contractors in Medfield

Since re-roofing is one of the most expensive undertakings and remodeling tasks, you must be cognizant of the available materials, extra features for better performance, and, generally, how the process looks like. Rely on UBrothers Construction since the company offers:

  • sound roofing consultations and advice;
  • transparency and smart price shaping;
  • execution of every step with accuracy and thoroughness;
  • a comprehensive client-focused approach.

The crew enables you to be aware of all of the aspects of cooperation and pick only the right materials for an enhanced sense of protection and higher energy efficiency.

Siding in Medfield

Are your exterior cladding panels becoming an eyesore? Then it's time for tearing off the outdated and imperfect covering and investing in a new siding project. It is one of the quickest types of makeover that can create a multitude of benefits. Thus, you can achieve a structurally stable, resilient, weather-resistant, and waterproof home. The panels are free-maintenance and will impress you with incredible self-cleaning properties. Innovative materials repel dirt and keep all destructive pests and insects away.

UBrothers siding contractors in Medfield

Being responsive to clients' needs, the company delivers timely services at fair prices. Since siding is meant to shield your interior against a myriad of effects and elements, UBrothers Construction offers materials that can withstand those potential hazards and serve for years to come without deterioration and decay.

Window replacement in Medfield

Old windows units are prone to wear and tear with time, so even seemingly minor operational flaws or visual defects, if neglected, can turn into a disaster. If you spend too much time and money on maintenance or a DIY repair doesn't bring the expected long-term results, it is time to hire UBrothers Construction. Medfield homeowners have a vast range of windows choices that can match their budgets and home renovation needs. By investing in new units, you can obtain superb quality and durability, reach maximum interior comfort, and add a contemporary flair.

Compelling reasons to hire the window replacement best company in Medfield

The company has well-documented proof of customer satisfaction since after implementing a replacement job, the team measures customer satisfaction rates. Moreover, experts continuously work towards improving products, services, and installation processes to meet evolving needs and desires of each client. Valuing your trust, remodelers do their best to exceed expectations. An eye to detail, extended expertise, commitment to exceptional quality: all these features make the company one of the most recognized in the region.

Designed with perfection exterior doors for home in Medfield

Want to make a powerful visual statement and display your personality through home renovations? Entryway upgrade is the type of project that can definitely give your exterior a renewed trendy look. While old and aged doors can compromise security and beauty, new well-created structures will transform the focal point of your property and complement the overall design. Every homeowner must responsibly approach the selection process to get the real value in new front doors. Get ready to re-design a primary point of your residence with a range of stunning styles of superior quality offered by UBrothers Construction, to get the most out of such change:

  • the sheer strength and impressive longevity;
  • unparalleled quality and aesthetics you deserve;
  • an extra layer of protection.

The company's mission is to generate custom innovative solutions, deliver the highest level of superiority, and service-minded attitude. Thus, get in touch with experts in home renovations to inquire more about warranties, payment options, prices for exterior doors in Medfield, and designs that will perfectly fit your home. For example, if you would like to reach a more welcoming entryway, then invest in sliding patio doors. Such an option offers a wider view and a proper amount of ventilation. For having more privacy and gain peace of mind, consider solid wood doors. Both doors choices can personalize any style and fascinate with their astonishing elegance.


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