There are tons of questions that people have about exterior remodeling. Here are some of them...

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New construction windows VS Replacement windows. What is the difference? What should i choose?
Painting of wood siding VS Residing the house completely.
Which siding is the best fit for my house: style, material, cost?
Should i repair my roof or it is time to replace it?

There are a lot of factors that go into whether or not you will need to replace your roof. If the current shingles are past their prime and decaying, then there is a good chance that it’s time for a replacement. However, if they have only been barely damaged but still hold up well structurally, then they can be repaired before anything else is done to them. The unpredictable New England weather poses a threat to roofs. Sometimes, rainstorms or high winds can drag shingles off of your roof and leave it exposed for the next storm that comes along. We don't want you experiencing an inconvenient leak all over your floors! Our team is always ready with emergency repair service so call us today if this happens on your property!

What is siding layover? Should i consider this option?
Why should i hire you for all of my exterior remodeling needs?

UBrothers Construction was established in 2013 mainly as a siding replacement company. 99% of all our projects were siding installation jobs. Over time, when we shifted toward working with consumers directly, we've realized that we must redo some work on the recently completed project. For instance, exterior trim on windows doesn't have pockets to receive vinyl siding; PVC casing on windows must be replaced again because it is too thin for fiber cement siding; drip edge on the newly installed roof must be replaced because of the potential damage that will be caused by fascia replacement which is part of your siding project. These are all of the things that you will be paying for, but they could be avoided. That is why "Planning and Preparation" is one of the keystones in any successful renovation project. We are not the windows replacement company, we are not just siding or roofing installers. We are an exterior remodeling company. When we first see your house,  we know that you already have your next project in your head. It never ends, but we just want to help to make it right and hassle-free.

Installation doesn't look difficult, can i do it on my own?

If you want to install windows, siding or roofing on your own home without the help of a professional contractor then you better have some carpentry skills. These jobs can be dangerous if done incorrectly and installing them yourself could result in serious injury for someone who is not trained as well as it's possible that they might ruin one of their walls by cutting into something with too much force while trying to get those nails out.

It's best not to hire just any handyman if you're dealing with the risk of future claims. Insurance companies will typically require bids from multiple licensed contractors, so make sure the person doing your repairs is qualified and experienced in that field before hiring them!

Here are some pros why you should hire a professional to do the work for you.

Roofing on your own is not just unsafe, but it can also lead to damage that you will have for years. All of the shingles need a roof system in order to protect you and keep water out from getting inside. The six main parts are essential because without them, there would be nowhere for warm air or sunlight to come through while protecting against rain and snow. It’s dangerous enough climbing up onto someone else's roof as an expert professional with all their safety gear ready—but attempting this feat when only armed with basic knowledge about how roofs work? It sounds like one headache after another!

Siding installation should be done by a professional as improper installations can cause long-lasting, costly consequences. Beyond having your manufacturer's warranty voided and ruining the appearance of vinyl siding with overdriven fasteners, it could also allow water in where moisture is not wanted - inside walls.

Installing a new entry door or windows is an important decision. It's the first thing people see as they enter your home and it needs to be installed well for you, but also for guests who may have seen that before entering your house. A sloppy installation could make them think less of both yourself and the property itself. An efficient install will save on energy bills by reducing any air infiltration - which should matter most in these tough economic times!