About us


  You definitely heard that Ukrainian women are the most beautiful in the world. Also you probably know at least one construction worker who concerns to Ukraine. What you don't know is that Ukrainian IT specialists are ones of the most talented in the world.We tried to combine these three things and it is how the story of UBrothers Construction began. Our unique european vision of beauty multiplied by ourconstruction skills and feeling of that new digital era is already here are things that forced two Brothers from Ukraine to establish UBrothers Construction in 2014. You could say that we are very young in this industry. And we wouldn't argue against this because it forces us to work harder and better than our competitors who are in business for 10-20-30 years. We started to work in home remodeling on 2007 and since that time we learned enough mistakes to say : We know what we do. When know why we do this. And now we know how to do it. 

  But by the way do you remember your first home remodeling project, did something change since that time. We guess we know your answer:" Not really". But the environment around you changed drastically. That is why we using newest technologies when working with our customers. You will start with free online quote, make pressure free decision , get visualized solution of your exterior remodeling project. All these will take minimal time.

  Since the time when we at first time took hummer in our hands more than 1000 projects were completed.