About us


 What we do.

Once you hire someone they could repair, cover or replace your roof, siding, or windows.  Similar to a kitchen remodel which we do not do.  We do full exterior remodeling projects, which in most cases involve a few different trades in one project. Why do we do this?  The answer is simple, once you decided to touch one part of the exterior of your house, most likely you gonna do another exterior project in the nearest future. Here, in New England, everything was built to last 25-35 years and it is time to renovate everything. Everybody starts with windows and roofs and then do siding and decks.

Window company would not tell you that you can go with new construction windows and get a larger glass area, get rid of old wood frames, replace rotten frame members or insulate everything better and make it 100% water and airtight. Because,  it requires siding work to be done, where they are not specialists. They want to sell you windows and don’t want to scare you off. Planning to do Fibercements siding in the future, and we will use 5/4” window trim instead of 1”. It is no need to replace it again when you do siding. Planning to do the roof replacement, because it leaks? Ok, let's do it. But let’s make a proper airflow, insulation, and rebuild your rooflines. It is no need to have a damaged drip edge because the fascia board wasn't replaced in time. Let’s do your trim work first, get the roof done, jump back to walls and finish siding. 

We have a different approach. We will plan your project with the whole picture in our minds. We want to be the company, that will handle the entire renovation process of your home’s exterior - If not in one shot, then in stages. You don’t have to do it twice, you can do it right and you can do it with UBrothers Construction.


Who we are.

You definitely have heard that Ukrainian women are the most beautiful in the world. Also, you probably know at least one construction worker who's related to Ukraine. What you don't know is that Ukrainian IT specialists are one of the most talented on our planet. We tried to combine these three things and this is how the story of UBrothers Construction began. Our european vision of beauty multiplied by our construction skills and feeling of "new digital era is already here" are things that forced two Brothers from Ukraine to establish UBrothers Construction in 2014. You could say that we are very young in this industry. And we won't argue against this because it forces us to work harder and better than our competitors, who are in business for 10-20-30 years. We started to work in home remodeling in 2007 and since that time we learned enough mistakes to say: “We know what we do. We know why we do this. And now we know, how to do it.”

  By the way, do you remember your first home remodeling project, has something changed since that time? We guess we know your answer:" Not really". But the environment around you changed drastically. That is why we are using the newest approaches when working with our customers. You will start with a free online quote, make a pressure-free decision, get visualized solutions for your exterior remodeling project. All these will take minimal time. We believe in transparency thru all of these stages.

 We don’t believe in research that recommends limiting customers' choice, giving them 2-3 options to make a quick decision and close the deal. We have our own path, we believe that you should know about all of your options and choose the right one without any pressure. That’s why we’ve organized all exterior remodeling solutions in one place with clear pricing and not wasting your time. 

 More than 1000 projects were completed since the time when we took hummer at first.