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Feel free to contact us at any time as to the renovation of your home.


1 per household. Residential use only. Must be presented at the time of in-home consult.


Can not be used on previous work.

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Siding and Roofing Prices in Ashland, MA

Model of siding Price per sq.foot installed from
MainStreet USD 5,95 - Average project cost:
Encore USD 5,6 - Average project cost:
Monogram USD 6,28 - - Average project cost:
Everlast Composite Siding Clapboards USD 9,45 - Average project cost:
HARDIESHINGLE® SIDING USD 11 - Average project cost:
HardiePlank Lap siding USD 8,43 - Average project cost:
White Cedar Shingles/Cedar Siding USD 12,5 - Average project cost:
Red Cedar Shingles / Cedar Shingle Panels / Cedar Siding USD 12,2 - Average project cost:
Wood Clpboard USD 9,5 - Average project cost:
Model of roofing Price per sq.foot installed from
XT tm 25 Three - Tab Shingles USD 3,8 - Average project cost: 6840$
Landmark PRO Architectural Shingles USD 3,9 - Average project cost: 7020$
Landmark Premium Architectural Shingles USD 4 - Average project cost: 7200$
Royal Sovereign Three - Tab Shingles USD 3,95 - Average project cost: 7110$
Timberline HD Lifetime Architectural Shingles USD 4,05 - Average project cost: 7290$

Searching for Ashland roofing or siding doesn’t have to be stressful. Call UbrotherConstructions and we’ll make the entire process simple and rewarding. We serve Sudbury, Hudson, Concord, Hopkinton, Sharon, Westwood and other Massachusetts areas

Uplift home's aesthetics with the exterior remodeling in Ashland

Homeowners who seek ways for exterior modernization can design their own plan for transformation to add visual changes that they find the most attractive and pocket-friendly. However, getting proficient advice from a qualified reconstruction crew that executes the most sophisticated ideas of home renovations is probably the wiser choice. A DIY approach may be beneficial if decorating the interior, as tastes and preferences depend on personality. But when it comes to some major makeover types, doing-it-yourself, there is a huge risk to end up with poor energy efficiency, disharmony of several upgraded components, and other negative outcomes. So where to get sound remodeling help?

Ashland outside home renovation basics

When choosing which home renovations to tackle first, you need to focus not only on the aesthetic update but take into account how a particular change can reshape your living experience. Timely reviving facade and exterior components, such as cladding, doors, roofs, or windows, allow not only to maintain the appearance of the building in good condition but can become solid protection of exterior walls and the home's structural integrity from adverse environmental influences. UBrothers Construction experts, having extended expertise in the remodeling industry, empower each client to:

  • pick superior windows and astonishing doors that will complement the overall residence look;
  • rebuild a roofing system to improve curb appeal and efficiently defend your property;
  • cover the building with exterior panels to add an extra layer of protection.

Visual perception of a home directly depends on the exterior elements. New technologies and a variety of building and finishing materials make it possible to minimize upkeep, implement different creative ideas, and protect any home from external effects of the sun, precipitation, temperature fluctuation, wind, dust, etc.

It’s time for re-roofing in Ashland

There are countless reasons why getting rid of old roofs and investing in weatherproof and properly insulated options are of paramount importance. However, the variety of roofing materials can be confusing. If you are not sure which type can bring the most value to your home and which attributes and accessories are required for optimized results, a thorough analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of each type of roofing material will help to make a choice. Or you can obtain proficient advice from UBrothers Construction, as the company values your needs and desires and strives to ensure tailor-made solutions to each client.

UBrothers Construction — your best roofing contractors in Ashland

Conforming with industry standards and established codes when dealing with the task of upgrading your roofing is crucial. It means that the job can be carried out only by licensed experts who value safety and have all permits to install roofs. Also, it is crucial to look for a roofing company near me, as location matters in terms of project execution speed. UBrothers Construction can ensure all the necessary modernization types and excellent customer support. Competently executing the project, the knowledgeable crew will definitely make your living much better, deliver desired visual changes, and boost energy efficiency.

How new siding in Ashland can benefit you

When it comes to siding, it is of primary importance to pick the right material, color, and panel type. It must be environmentally friendly, of high quality, durable, fireproof, resistant to weather effects. With contemporary cladding options, every homeowner gains:

  • quality that lasts for years to come;
  • an opportunity to amp up the house appeal and bring back its marketability;
  • regained energy efficiency since with new siding, you will be able to eliminate the probability of energy leaks that can be the reason for high utility bills.

As you can see, good siding panels play a foremost role in designing resilient homes. So if you have your facade walls affected by pests or pecked by birds, you've noticed the signs of moss, rot, or mildew on the surface, or tiny holes have become a place for insects spreading, get in touch with specialists who are capable of regaining exterior attractiveness with the right solutions.

Comprehensive assistance for window replacement in Ashland

Although costs of upcoming home renovations are always a paramount consideration, there is no point in choosing products and services solely based on the price, especially when it comes to windows projects. Thus, a good window is long-lasting and durable and can transform not only the exterior but enhance the interior atmosphere. Moreover, clients of UBrothers Construction will recoup most of the finances spent on the replacement. But do you really need this type of exterior upgrade? Let's take a look at a few red flags to tell if you need to get rid of old units.

Signs it’s time to invest in replacement windows in Ashland

Drafty home. Of course, windows not alone can cause severe drafts. Crevices in siding panels or cracks in your front doors can also be a source of unwanted airflow that leads to energy leakage. However, striving to regain efficiency and save on utility bills, replacing old window units must be your top priority. Ignoring the situation when air seeps through fractured windows can be the biggest mistake ever. However, by investing in new windows and entrusting the installation to UBrothers Construction, you will get improved performance, longevity, and stunning designs that captivate.

A layer of moisture and water droplets on panes. Living in discomfort can be upsetting, as, after a hard day, any person would like to come back to a cozy and pleasant home. And while you can add soft lighting or a new carpet of delightful colors and texture, having condensation on your window panes, you won't be capable of reaching the desired levels of comfort. But installing windows with enhanced insulation, you will spot the difference immediately.

You are tired of constant upkeep. If left without adequate and regular upkeep, any window will become a bad headache. Scratches, crevices, and other troubles will occur. However, aging frames and old panes require much more attention than innovative units with extra coatings and films that reflect UV rays. New modern options are easy to maintain and clean, and such windows have an extended lifespan.

Importance of renewed exterior doors for home in Ashland

Most homeowners overlook the front door shape and condition. However, warped, worn out, and defective structures can bring an array of unnecessary problems for homeowners:

  • your home won’t have proper thermal protection;
  • poor soundproofing won’t allow enjoying peacefulness;
  • the house aesthetics will be brought low.

Moreover, old doors compromise security, damage the home’s capacity to use energy efficiently, and can become an eyesore. Thus, be ready to take a thorough look at your entrance and contact experts in case you’ve spotted some imperfections.

Best exterior door installer in Ashland

Doors replacement isn't a type of home renovation that inexperienced homeowners can quickly learn. Moreover, applying a DIY tactic can have lots of adverse effects on the functionality and even lower the expected lifespan. Thus, it is better to rely on a crew that has been in business for years and ensures hassle-free project implementation. UBrothers Construction can deliver trendy exterior products to totally reshape your entrance point and add a touch of uniqueness even to the plain and dull home’s facade. Contact experts to discover available exterior door styles and prices.


years on the market


sq. feet of roofing installed in 2019


siding project've been finished in 2019


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