Our works

James Hardie Lap Siding with new PVC trims

This blend of cement, sand, and cellulose looks the most like real wood at a lower cost. Fiber-cement siding has become a popular siding choice for many homeowners in New England. It comes factory-primed but also can be ordered pre-painted for a higher cost; while your color selection is limited, factory coatings tend to last much longer. You can clearly see the transformation of this Natick Ma located house. New Andersen window with custom made PVC casings, new architectural asphalt roofing shingles and of course new siding making this house to look brand new again.

Wood Cedar Shakes

Wood shingles offer traditional charm and rich look and are very expensive.They are not so popular as 30-40 years ago but we are are still getting request to install them. Here you can see newly renovated single family residency in Wellesley MA. Newly finished western red cedar shakes with basket weave corners combined with new PVC trim work delivered new look to this house.



Real Wood Cedar Clapboards

Western Red Cedar bevel wood clapboards siding  used to be the most widely- used siding type. And it still remains popular. It is produced by resawing lumber at an angle to produce two pieces thicker on one edge than other. This newly renovated house in Cambridge Ma is good example of combining modern vision and old style look. It came up Great and reliably. Every single nail hit the stud, every each clapboard end cut was primed and joints were flashed, blind caulking next to every corner board and window...Do you know what all of these mean? And you don't have to, but your contractor should.

Asphalt Shingles roof replacement

Asphalt Shingles is the most popular and relatively inexpensive roofing solution across the USA. It's easy to replace and fix damaged or torn shingles, but this split level house is completely different story. Two layers of existing shingles were removed, damaged roof decking was fixed and new roof system has been applied. Sounds simply, but hard work of 6 guys crew stays behind this.  New Cedar Impression vinyl siding and Harvey windows outlined the beauty of this house even more.

New Sliding Patio Door

None outdoor living space could be imagined without patio door. Easy operation, large panes of unobstructed glass with a view of your deck and backyard, more usable space on both sides of the door... These are not all of the great features of sliding patio doors that every each house has. Because using them sometimes even more often than main entry door, you want to make sure everything was done properly and safely for you and your house. Looking good on outside, but not as good inside: it is all about this project. Easy door replacement project became a challenge. New door header was installed, wall studs replaced, electrical wiring around the door fixed, new wall sheeting put in place. And all of this was caused by tiny, small leak above the door. Now it's safe and now it's done right. Customer can enjoy his new patio door and deck.

Deck construction Project

A well-designed deck is what differentiates good outdoor living space from a great one. And while many of us have the DIY know-how to build a basic deck, the best way to get the deck you’ve always envisioned is to hire an experienced pro. Though a deck pro can make installation look easy, decks are composed of numerous structural components.Also, you always have to keep some of the following elements in mind when planning your deck.

  • Material: Wood, vinyl and composite are some of the most popular materials for decks.
  • Shape: Decks can be rounded, rectangular or any combination of the two.
  • Railings: Go with standard wood, or opt for a contemporary material like metal, glass or cabling.
  • Levels: Many decks encompass just one level, but if you have significant height to work with, there’s no reason your deck can’t extend to two or more levels.
  • Stairs: Go with a straightforward railing, install a spiral staircase in a small space or opt for a ramp instead.
  • Enclosures: Decks can be uncovered, partially covered, completely covered or even enclosed or screened.

All of this elements and details were taken into consideration when we constructed this beautiful two level, enclosed deck in Framingham MA neighborhood. Aze PVC decking in combination with Veranda vinyl rails and cabling system delivered a great result.

Cedar Impression vinyl Siding with aluminum trim package

These shingles and shakes can closely resemble cedar, even up close. Plastic, like vinyl, requires minimal upkeep. But it’s much thicker than vinyl and can be two to three times more expensive. We also found it resists impacts better than vinyl in cold weather. Every single spot on outside of this house was touched. J-less aluminum wrap on windows, new Premium T3 vinyl soffit, PVC aluminum coil on fascias and of course D7 Cedar Impression siding.

Custom project ( Boral Trimboards, JH Clapboards, Cedar Shiplap siding and soffit)

Most of the times clients are searching with very specific vision in mind. The perfect touch to compliment a dream home they’ve worked so long to achieve. This project is one of them. Many of our customers told us they searched for some time before finding what they thought to be the perfect solution in our products. Even if you cant find everything you want on our website feel free to talk about your ideas during in-home consultation. We are experience enough to "deliver everything you want". We were the only company which could fullfill customer unique vision. James Hardie clapboards were installed over 1 inch PolyIso insulation board. Cedar soffit on entire house and cedar shiplap siding bay sections look amazing. Boral to be used for windows casing as well as main trim material for the rest of the house. Also boral shiplap nickel-gap siding on top of front porch and 2 bays that could be painted and will last forever. Does it sound easy, not at all. 

Vinyl Siding Clapboards with PVC trim package

The low cost, versatility and easy maintenance of vinyl siding has helped it become the most popular siding choice in the United States. Vinyl needs no painting. It won’t warp or twist, and it’s impervious to insects and water.Some vinyl products may look like wood from a distance, but not up close. For this project in Newtonville in became a perfect solution for two family house. All new Therma-Thru doors and new PT decks added more beauty and protection. PVC trim package (windows, outside corners, watertable and freezboard) makes this vinyl look like a real wood clapboard project.

James Hardie HardieShakes with new PVC trims

Authenticity of cedar shingles with the strength of James Hardie. Better than the real thing, it resists rotting, curling, warping and splitting. Used to highlight and accent gable or top half of your house, but really has no limits. Fit every home, not only Cape Cods or cottage style houses. And this project is a good illustration of this. New James Hardie Straight Edge Shingles and PVC trim work,  combined with black new construction Pella windows delivered "WOW" effect. New huge deck with PVC Azek decking is a great addition to this.

New Everlast Composite Siding

Many exterior siding options are available these days. Everybody've heard about wood, vinyl and fiber-cement siding. But there is something new, composite vinyl siding: made out of composite vinyl materials, as durable as fiber-cement and looks like a wood. It will fit any neighborhood and home style. This split level house, located in Newton Ma, is good example. You should be skilled enough to work with different types of siding and trim materials, because this is what you need in order to install Everlast composite siding properly and meet customer expectations. Custom made PVC trim on windows and corners, aluminum wrap on eaves and rakes, vinyl soffit, proper fastening techniques, catching courses all the way around... This is enough for understanding that not every crew can do this right.

Entry Door installation work

Replacing of exterior entry door seams a simple process for most of the folks because it comes prehung and already mounted into the frame. It is installed all at once, as one unit. But why it takes more than half a  day for 2 men crew to complete door replacement project. First of all, you will need to have new door already manufactured per your specifications when you start the project. Second, not to make more damages to interior\exterior while removing old one. Third step is preparing the opening to receive the door, proper adjusting and aligning of every single part. This is the key point, for you to use your door system for years. And again, quality - it is all about details: was the door scratched during the replacement process;  how interior and exterior trim was installed; was the drywall damaged or not; do I need to touch up the wall paint lines after installation... We will help you with this.