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Architectural Shingles


Brand: CertainTeed

Landmark Premium, a luxury offering from the Landmark asphalt shingle series, provides the beauty of wood shake roofing with peace-of-mind that comes backed by CertainTeed’s world-class manufacturing standards and industry-leading product warranty.

With multi-layer construction and a palette of high-contrast Max Def granule color options, Landmark Premium shingles can match almost any home exterior design aesthetic.

For proven protection of your home and all it keeps safe, trust the quality of Landmark Premium.

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Roofing materials Architectural Shingles
Color of roofing Burnt Sienna
Gutters Keep my existing
Style of Shingles Architectural Roofing Shingles
Type of install - roofing New construction
Please enter the lenght of trim board across the roof line that need to be replaced due to visible damages. 0
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  • Complete tear-off of existing shingles and underlayments in order to expose and confirm integrity of the existing roof sheathing (Strip & replace installation only). 
  • Inspect the roof deck for rotted or damaged wood. 
  • If new roof wood decking is needed it will be installed at cost $135 per sheet of plywood. Or $7 per l. foot of wood boards. 
  • Install 8" aluminum drip edge to all roof edges along entire roof line to protect the roof’s perimeter and guide water off the roof and into gutters. 
  • Install 6 feet of Premium ice and water shield on all roof eves. 
  • Install 3 feet of Premium ice and water shield in all valleys. 
  • Install ice and water shield membrane up to building CODE around all penetrations such as pipe boots, chimneys, skylights or transition side walls. 
  • Install synthetic underlayment to remaining exposed area of roof deck in order to create a safe moisture barrier. 
  • Installation of Shingle Starter course to all roof edges to ensure proper sealing of all roof edges per manufacturer specifications needed for warranty of winds up to 130 miles per code. 
  • Installation of your choice of shingles according to the manufacturer's specifications with 11/12 gauge corrosion-resistant roofing nails. 
  • Installation of 12 inch filtered ridge vent using 3 inch hand nails and 2"-4" roof vents as needed for proper ventilation. 
  • Replace all roof vent pipe boot flashing kits on any external roof pipes to avoid future issues or leaks. 
  • Install any existing bathroom roof vent kit with new Braun bathroom Aluminum flashing. 
  • Re-lead Chimneys using ice and water shield, 5 by 7 inch aluminum step flashing and counter flash with 12 inch lead. 
  • Installation of specialty hip and ridge caps to match shingles using 3 inch hand nails. 
  • Clean up of all debris and perform magnetic sweep of the property to pick up any loose nails. 
  • Ladders will have stabilizers and protective pads to help protect your property; Shrubs and landscaping near roof line will be protected with tarping as needed. 
  • Dumpster on site supplied by UBrothers Construction. Delivery of dumpster to a mutually agreed upon location. Prompt removal of dumpster after project completion 
  • All Permits Filed with your local town Hall. 
  • 5 YEARS ONE TIME TRANSFARABLE TO A NEW HOMEOWNER  Labor Warranty. Registered with Manufacture Material Warranty. 

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