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Wood Window

Andersen 400 Woodright Wood Bay / Bow Window

Brand: Andersen

400 Series bay and bow windows feature all of the individual qualities of our Woodwright®, double-hung and casement windows. Each is delivered as a complete unit to help speed installation.

  • Available with casement windows in the following styles: 30° bay, 45° bay and 90° box bay; 10° bow
  • Available with double-hung windows in the following styles: 30° bay, 45° bay
  • Wood protected by vinyl or Fibrex® composite exterior


Please choose your window configuration

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Please follow manufacturer's width and height unit limitations.

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Please enter your window size

How to measure

Simply measure the window between interior trim on sides = width, measure your window between the top and bottom trim. Check attached picture with instructions HERE.

Frame width

Frame height

Please choose your insect screen type

What to choose?

In most cases, you will open only one sash at the time. So half screen is an "ok" choice. If you use window AC units you must choose half screen.
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Please choose your installation type

What is the difference?

"Replacement window" installation involves replacing only the window’s existing sash and leaving the window frame intact. New window will be installed into the existing window frame. This economical option does not disturb the existing exterior and interior trims.

"New construction" installation involves completely removing the existing window and replacing it with a new one. With this option, you can easily change the function, performance and appearance of your entire window’s style. By doing this kind of installation you can easily repair rotten wood, improve insulation around windows and get more glass area. See attached pictures HERE and HERE.

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Please choose your window glass type

Reflects heat in the summer and helps keep heat inside in the winter, making this a good choice in climates where both heating and cooling costs are a concern.


Obscure glass offers some level of a reduction in transparency. Commonly used in bathrooms and hallways.


Tempered glass is stronger than standard glass and does not shatter into large shards when broken. Required in full bathrooms and if the bottom edge of the window is less than 18 inches above the floor.


Please choose your hardware color

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Please choose your window grids style

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-Fixed units in all window combinations don't include grids. -Quantity of lites in Prairie and Colonial Style are subject to change due to sizing. -Every additional lite over the specified quantity will cost 30$ more.
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Check the catalog for available trim profiles. Click HERE.

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ProductName Andersen 400 Woodright Wood Bay / Bow Window
Configuration Bay Windows (Fixed Center, Double Hungs for Flankers)
Frame width 86"
Frame height 52"
Base Andersen 400 Woodright Wood Bay / Bow Window
Interior Frame Color Maple
Exterior Frame Color Black
Insect Screen Type Full Screen
Installation Type New construction (New interior/exterior trim required)
Glass Type Low-E Double Pane
Hardware Color Easy-Tilt Release Lock ( 8 colors avail.)
Grids Style DH Bay Colonial 6 over 0
Exterior Trim Keep As Is
Interior Trim Keep As Is
Additional Work No additional work is needed


  • Complete remeasuring, ordering, and delivery of your choice windows.
  • Complete removal and disposal of existing windows
  • Complete removal and disposal of existing storm windows if required
  • Careful removal of interior or exterior stops in order to allow the current window to be removed 
  • If necessary, the window opening will be re-flashed with appropriate water barrier tape in order to ensure water does not infiltrate the walls around the windows
  • Installation of your choice of replacement windows listed above according to the manufacturer's specifications including:
  • Prior to insertion into the wall, caulking of the windows in the interior/exterior surface that will be in contact with the stops
  • The perimeter of the window that will be in contact with the stops will be caulked to provide additional water protection and a clean finished look 
  • Window to be installed in reasonably good condition opening. Any rotten wood repairs will be negotiated and discovering and complete inspection.
  • Proper shimming to ensure the windows are square and level within the openings 
  • Windows will be secured in place with proper fasteners through the jambs.
  • Spray foam insulation will be applied around the entire unit to maximize the insulation and prevent air infiltration
  • Stops will be firmly re-applied
  • Screens will be installed
  • Windows will be cleaned and tested for proper operation
  • Thorough clean-up and removal of all dust and debris after installation is complete
  • All appropriate lead-safe work procedures will be followed if required per federal and state guidelines
  • The installer doesn't do any project-related paintwork that could be caused but not limited by new trim installation, storm window removal or etc.
  • Reconnection and testing of existing alarm systems should be performed by Alarm service providers.  Installation of Wireless sensors is recommended. Any drilling in the window frame will void the manufacturer's warranty.
  • If, during moving of existing opening or creation of new one, any HVAC, plumbing or electrical supply lines to be discovered, the extra work, related to their relocation, will be performed by the licensed service provider at extra cost. Customers can hire their own licensed technician to do this type of work, but it should be performed in a timely manner.
  • All installations performed by UBrothers Construction at owner-occupied homes are guaranteed by 5 years warranty from the date of job completion and for one year for rental or commercial properties. This warranty covers any defects or functional issues that fall outside of the manufacturer's warranty and are a result of an error or oversight that occurred during the installation process.

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