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Our Composite Deck Prices

Type of decking Price per sq.ft with new frame
Pressure Treated Wood Deck USD 90 - Average project cost: $22000
PVC Deck USD 110 - Average project cost: $27000
Composite Deck USD 100 - Average project cost: $24500

Enhancing Your Home's Charm: The Beauty of Porch Constructions in Framingham


Welcome to Framingham, where homes come alive with the irresistible allure of front porches. Picture this: a serene oasis that bridges the gap between indoors and outdoors, a captivating space that beckons you to slow down, unwind, and savor life's simple pleasures. Front porches, those enchanting architectural gems, possess a magnetic charm that transcends time, transcends trends. They are the quintessential embodiment of timeless elegance and neighborly warmth.

Step onto the porch, and you enter a world where enchantment resides. The rhythmic creak of a rocking chair harmonizes with the whisper of a gentle breeze, while the dappled sunlight dances through lush foliage. Here, conversations unfold like symphonies, laughter cascades in melodic waves, and moments of solitude become treasured interludes.

But a front porch is more than just a picturesque facade. It is a vibrant extension of your living space, an open invitation to connect with nature and the community. Imagine lazy Sunday afternoons spent sharing stories with neighbors, twilight gatherings enveloped in the soft glow of string lights, and mornings awakened by the symphony of chirping birds.

So delve into the artistry and allure of porch constructions in Framingham. Discover the transformative power of these architectural marvels as they enhance your home's charm and create an oasis of joy in your daily life. 

Top three unexpected benefits of such exterior home improvement

Timeless Elegance with a Modern Twist:

Investing in porch constructions in Framingham not only adds a touch of classic charm to your home but also provides an opportunity to infuse modern design elements. Imagine a harmonious blend of vintage aesthetics and contemporary sensibilities. From sleek minimalist lines juxtaposed against ornate architectural details to innovative materials and finishes, your porch becomes a captivating masterpiece that stands the test of time while making a bold statement.

Nature's Embrace, All Year Round:

Escape the confines of your four walls and step onto your porch, where nature's embrace awaits you. A well-designed construction creates a seamless transition between your indoor and outdoor spaces, allowing you to bask in the splendor of each season. Experience the vibrant colors of autumn as you sip your morning coffee, feel the gentle caress of a summer breeze as you unwind with a good book, or witness the enchantment of snowfall while wrapped in a cozy blanket. Your portico becomes a year-round sanctuary where you can immerse yourself in the ever-changing beauty of nature.

Social Hub of Neighborly Connections:

Your veranda is more than just an architectural feature; it becomes the social hub of neighborly connections. It serves as a welcoming space where conversations blossom, bonds strengthen, and a sense of community thrives. Imagine hosting impromptu gatherings, sharing laughter and stories with friends and neighbors, or simply waving hello to passersby. Your porch becomes a catalyst for fostering meaningful connections and building lasting relationships, enriching your life with a tapestry of shared experiences.


In summary, investing in porch constructions in Framingham offers an array of unexpected benefits. It combines timeless elegance with modern aesthetics, embraces nature's beauty throughout the year, and nurtures a sense of community and connection. Let your porch be a testament to your unique style and a gateway to a world of endless possibilities.

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