Onyx Black Roof: Do Black Tiles Burn Out Or Not?



If you are in search of classic, chic, and elegant aesthetics for your home's exterior, then an onyx black roof can be the right solution. Of course, you need to go one step at a time and deliberately approach major exterior transformations to decide if they suit you. Thus, before investing in black material, find out if it burns out, what kind of upkeep it needs, and how to retain its beauty. Here are the reasons why it is of paramount importance to make well-informed choices:



Generally, home renovations with bold decisions, such as the black house top, definitely lend a modernized and sophisticated look. It is more than just traditional colors that everyone is used to. An exterior color scheme can be of multiple choices when your roof is black. You can opt for white cladding, red or green front doors, and brown window frames to gain harmonious unity. The options are endless and allow you to create a custom unrepeatable style. But what if your shingles will be affected by the sun and other effects? Let's check.


Do darker shingles mean quick fading?


The first thing to keep in mind is that black systems won't efficiently reflect the sun. It won't only make your energy bills go up and hit your monthly budget but it also can be the reason for color fading over time. So yes, dark roofs will lose this color faster than lighter tones. So what to do if you still want to have this impressive visual impact that the onyx black roof creates? The main advice is to weigh every pro and con to understand what will you obtain and what are risks you might be regularly confronted with such a solution. Also, apart from heeding the downsides, it also will be great to keep benefits in mind. As even if you will experience some issues with color burning out, probably, insects and wind resistance, fire safety, and eco-friendliness will outweigh those disadvantages.


To keep the roof hue beautiful, you have to think about how the fading can be prevented since a shabby-looking and deteriorated exterior will ruin the design integrity, marketability, and overall style mood. Core issues always lie in the quality of the material. So never go cheaper when it comes to home renovations, as you can sacrifice longevity, color retaining capacity, and resistance in such a way. Poor quality shingles have a negative tendency of fading unevenly and those faded areas will be hard to fix, so replacement of the entire system might be needed much sooner than planned. If you live in a warm climate year-round and the sun will have effects on the roof all the time, then buy more reflective shades. In addition to quality assessment and climate, always predict the amount of care work, as all built-up precipitation on the surface, dry leaves from trees, accumulated excessive moisture, or pests must be eliminated immediately. And finally, when installing a black roof, make sure you hire only knowledgeable, vetted, and properly coordinated people to do the job.