Cedar Wood Siding vs Fiber Cement Siding: Which is Better to Pick



Recently, covering the exterior walls of the house with facing materials has become one of the most recognized types of home renovations. Such a solution pertains to the most sound one in terms of protection of the outer surface of the walls from negative environmental influences. By choosing the right type of material and appropriate level of insulation, you will not just make your home more appealing but also will enhance interior coziness. With the help of the panels, it is possible to hide the shortcomings of the exterior walls, ensuring the drainage of condensate and excessive moisture. Other benefits that you might have missed are:



However, unlike what you might think, such a project is a tall order, and to be up to the task, there is a need to prepare a budget, keep up with trends, and more importantly, be aware of some features that one or another material type offers. It is needed to stock up on patience to gain the result you deserve. So let's compare two of the most recognized options: strong fiber cement and aesthetic-pleasant cedar wood house siding.


Cedar wood siding vs panels made of fiber cement


Fiber cement is one of the up-to-date and at the same time proven materials for the exterior decoration of the house. But there are several variables that can change your final choice. The weight of fiber-cement siding is significant, therefore, before its installation, you should consult with specialists who will determine whether the foundation and supporting structures can withstand such panels, and what fastening system is necessary. And for installation, you will have to contact a construction team that can ensure a client-centric approach. The advantages of such siding are:



But honest companies will definitely warn you about concealed disadvantages, such as the significant specific weight of panels, expensiveness, and installation complexity.


If you seek environmental friendliness and great thermal insulation properties, then it is worth checking cedar wood house siding. Apart from such features, cedar is a type of natural material that has an anti-fungal capacity and can resist bacteria, so among wooden options, cedar is the most long-lasting. There is also no point in talking about the beauty of such siding, as it is obviously one of the most aesthetic exterior solutions. It lends a more traditional look while having a strong visual impact. However, it requires regular and more intensive care in order to keep its functionality at the desired level. Otherwise, it will stain and deliver lots of issues.