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Vinyl Window

Pella® 350 Series Premium Vinyl Sliding Window

Brand: Pella

Sliding windows glide open and closed horizontally for easy operation. Pella 350 Series sliding windows are some of most energy efficient products. With optional triple-pane glass and energy-efficient options, they will meet or exceed ENERGY STAR® guidelines in all 50 states. Pella 350 Series windows also offer reinforced frames that are 83% stronger than ordinary vinyl for long-lasting durability.


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Replacing, remodeling or building a new home? We offer a variety of sizes to fit any project. Choose from a wide range of standard options or we can build products to fit your specifications.

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Interior color

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A popular choice because it insulates well from the cold and the heat.


Allows in visible light and provides a clear view, while helping to block the heat of the sun.


Provides excellent insulation from the cold, while allowing the sun's heat to flow in and warm your home.


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ProductName Pella® 350 Series Premium Vinyl Sliding Window
ProductId 63
Window materials Vinyl window
Interior color White
Exterior sash color White
How large your unit is Small
Grid type 3/4" Grilles-Between-the-Glass
Grille pattern Top Row
Glass options Advanced Low-E Insulating Glass with Argon
Insect screen Don't need
Lock And Keeper AutoLock
Lock and Keeper color Satin Nickel 350auto
Trim profile No. Save My Existing Trim
Was your house built before 1978? Yes, before 1978


  • Complete remeasuring, ordering and delivery of your choice windows.
  • Complete removal and disposal of existing windows
  • Complete removal and disposal of existing storm windows if required
  • Careful removal of interior or exterior stops in order to allow the current window to be removed 
  • If necessary, the window opening will be re-flashed with appropriate water barrier tape in order to ensure water does not infiltrate the walls around the windows
  • Installation of your choice of replacement windows listed above according to the manufacturer's specifications including:
  • Prior to insertion into the wall, caulking of the windows in the interior/exterior surface that will be in contact with the stops
  • Perimeter of window that will be in contact with the stops will be caulked to provide additional water protection and a clean finished look 
  • Window to be installed in reasonably good condition opening. Any rotten wood repairs will be negotiated and discovering and complete inspection.
  • Proper shimming to ensure the windows are square and level within the openings 
  • Windows will be secured in place with proper fasteners through the jambs.
  • Spray foam insulation will be applied around the entire unit to maximize the insulation and prevent air infiltration
  • Stops will be firmly re-applied
  • Screens will be installed
  • Windows will be cleaned and tested for proper operation
  • Thorough clean-up and removal of all dust and debris after installation is complete
  • All appropriate lead-safe work procedures will be followed if required per federal and state guidelines
  • All installations performed by UBrothers Construction  owner occupied homes are guaranteed for 10 years from the date of job completion and for one year for rental or commercial properties. This warranty covers any defects or functional issues that fall outside of the manufacturer's warranty and are a result of an error or oversight that occurred during the installation process.