Double Hung

Single hung vs double hung windows: believe it or not, we have been choosing between them since we were young. If you look at every child’s drawing of a house, you will most certainly find one with a window that’s either single or double hung. 

 As adults and homeowners, we still have to make a choice between double hung vs. single hung windows. And it is an important decision because the style of your windows reflects the style of the owner and improves the overall aesthetic of your home. Choosing the right window style can make or break the feel and appeal of your home. 

 The single and double hung window styles are the most commonly used because of their classic and timeless appeal. However, how are they similar or different, what are their pros and cons, and which one should you pick for your home? Let’s discuss.


What is a Double Hung Window?

 These two window styles look the same from afar. They are both vertical-sliding windows that have a lower and upper sash (i.e. operational panel containing the window glass). A double hung window includes two operational panels, meaning both the lower and upper sashes can be moved and slid up and down; making it more versatile. 

 What is a Single Hung Window?

 The single hung window style is one of the most commonly used varieties of windows. It is similar to the double hung style in that it has two sashes. The only difference is that only the lower sash is operable. 


Single hung vs double hung

 Pros and Cons

In choosing between single hung vs double hung windows, homeowners must weigh the pros and cons of both. 

 • Installation – Single hung windows are easier and less expensive to install because they have fewer moving parts. Because they have only one operable sash, installation is quicker and can be done DIY. Because the double hung version has more movable parts, installation has to be very precise to ensure they are energy efficient.

Double hung window cost 

 • Price – Double hung windows are pricier than their single hung counterparts. In fact, estimates show that they cost roughly 75% more. Single hung windows cost anywhere from $100 to $300 per window; while doubles cost anywhere from $400 to $600. Installation cost for singles is also significantly lower than doubles; between $75 to $100 for single hung and $150 to $250 for double hung.

 • Energy Efficiency – The more moving parts there are, the more possibility there is for poor air seal. That can lower your home’s energy efficiency and increase your energy consumption. Double hung windows need to be made of really good quality and installed very precisely to ensure proper air seal. 

 • Maintenance – The double hung style slide and tilt up and down which makes them easier to clean and maintain and you can do it from inside and outside your home. This will come in handy for windows on the upper stories of the home. Single hung windows can only be cleaned from the outside. 

 • Ventilation – Because double hung windows have two operable sashes, they offer more and better ventilation than single hung windows which can only open from the lower sash. 

 •  Style – Both versions come in different colors, styles, designs, frames, materials, and trims. 

 •  Safety – When properly installed and maintained, both window styles offer the protection and security you need for your home. 

Single Hung Vs Double Hung Windows: The Verdict

When choosing between these two styles, it’s best to really be honest with yourself regarding your needs and wants. There are a lot of considerations that have to be made when choosing new windows.

 If you’d like a window that’s easier to clean and maintain, offers more airflow, and is safer; then choose double hung. However, if you want a window that’s more affordable, more weather resistant, and more energy efficient; then choose single hung. Whatever your choice is, you cannot go wrong with these two classic window styles.


Double Hung