Casement windows are a fantastic option for any home. Not only do they improve your home’s appearance; they also help with your home’s energy efficiency. This results in cooler summer temperatures and warmer winter temperature.

Vinyl casement windows, for instance, are a great choice for replacement windows. They are beautiful and durable. However, they are not the only option.

In this article, we will discuss single and double casement windows and all other pertinent information you need before getting them.

What are Casement Windows?

These types of windows are attached to their frames using one or more side hinges. Their hinges (pivots) are located on the upright side of the vertical sash, just like a door’s hinges. This makes it possible to open the window in or out along the entirety of its length. These types of windows are specifically designed for tall and narrow openings.

Also known as crank windows, they can be opened and closed using a handle, a lever, or a crank. They can be made with different materials including steel, clad, wood, fiberglass, vinyl, and aluminum.


Benefits of Casement (Crank) Windows

Great Ventilation

When it comes to ventilation, casement (crank) windows are second to none. Most models open completely, therefore letting air pass through unobstructed.

Energy Efficiency

Other window types also offer energy efficiency. Crank windows are not designed to be flexible, ensuring a tighter, better seal, which results in more energy efficiency.

Incredible Views

Crank windows offer the viewer a better and more expansive view than more conventional window types. It has fewer strips of wood, metal, vinyl, metal, or fiberglass which allows you to have seamless and unobstructed views.

Ease of Use

This window type is easy to use and operate. Opening and closing crank windows can be done easily using lever or latches. In fact, this type of window is widely considered to be the easiest to operate, especially now that automatic openers are widely available and used.


Every house has a character, however, finding window styles that fit your home’s design can be quite difficult. With the casement style of windows, there is no need to worry because they come in a wide array of styles. You will surely find one that complements your home’s architecture.


You get an additional layer of security because of this window style’s hook-shaped frame locks.

Casement Windows Pricing

Before you go searching for casement windows for sale, let’s talk about pricing.

Prices vary depending on the usual factors like brand, location, etc. Nevertheless, the price is highly dependent on the materials used (I.e. aluminum, wood, vinyl, fiberglass, etc.) As an example, for a vinyl casement, expect to pay around $400 plus installation cost per window.

Installation costs really depend on the local cost average. You can expect to pay anywhere between $350 to $500 per window. Add in the cost of labor, the bill can run up to $600.

While it is true that casement-style windows can be a bit more expensive than other traditional styles; the benefits it offers make them a worthwhile investment.