Awning & Hoppers

Hopper and awning replacement windows for upgrading your house

Characteristics of awning and hoppers windows types

Costs, functionality, aesthetic component, and a lot of other factors are crucial when it comes to the installing process of different windows type, like hoppers or awning windows. So what are the advantages and disadvantages of these two windows types? Where would it be better to install them? What is the major difference? Let’s consider the awning type of windows. Such an option is quite affordable. It opens outwards, providing good ventilation. It also opens horizontally. That’s why you can breeze fresh air even when it is raining as it prevents water, snow, and dirt from entering the room.  It is a great option for those who want more natural light as well as airflow.

What else? Due to the fact that they should be installed really high, they offer maximum privacy and safety, as awning windows sizes are small so no one could break into your home. They are easy to maintain. Bathrooms and basements are the best places for such windows. However, it can fit almost in every room in the house. But are there any cons? Every type of windows can have its drawbacks and an awning type of window are not an exception:  

  • protecting your house from rain sipping in, the glass panel itself will be exposed to water, rain, and other weather conditions very often;
  • due to its high location, it may require a ladder for the cleaning process;
  • in case of an emergency, it will be hard to escape through such windows due to its relatively small sizes.

What about hopper windows sizes, their benefits and drawback? The first distinction from awning types is that it opens inwards. It requires low maintenance. The cleaning process is easy. It also provides good ventilation. Considering sizes, they are smaller than awning types. But one of the features that worth mentioning is energy-efficiency because they are closed really tight and can keep a comfortable temperature in the room. The biggest disadvantage is that is can accumulate a lot of dirt. So it isn’t recommended to open them in rainy and wet weather as hopper type of windows, opening inwards, doesn’t protect the room from moisture penetration.

Generally, both awning and hoppers windows are a stylish, secure, and durable option. When deciding to invest in some of these types, take into account materials, it can be vinyl, wood, aluminum, etc., the size, and the direction of opening. And, of course, don’t forget about the comfort of your house.

A reliable company for installing hopper and awning replacement windows

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Awning & Hoppers