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Total: 10 $

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Vinyl Siding


Brand: CertainTeed

Whether the view is of a rolling ocean, restful lake, or main street, the finest homes have traditionally been sided with cedar shingles. It is a time-honored style that offers textured beauty as well as outstanding durability. Cedar Impressions® Double 7" Straight Edge Perfection Shingles offer aesthetic and performance qualities second to none. Ideal for any style home, Double 7" Perfection Shingles straight edge design creates a beautiful, classic appearance found on the most distinctive homes. In addition to the exceptional looks, they resist the damaging effects of the weather, and yet require no heavy maintenance.

Double 7" Straight Edge Perfection Shingles Offer:

  • Patented PanelThermometer ™ for precise installation
  • TrueTexture ™ finish Designed and tested to withstand hurricane force winds
  • Made of injection molded, durable polymer
  • 3/4" Panel Projection
  • .100" Thick
  • Molded Perimeter Lock™ helps create a virtually seamless appearance
  • Virtually maintenance free, never needs painting
  • Lifetime limited warranty



Questions in this category are designed to find out volume of estimated work that need to be done. Please choose one of the following options how to do that:

Measuring with the app

Please submit your project information and our team will get back to you during next 24 hours with precise measurements of your property and 3D model of your project. After submission you must proceed with any of other 2 options and fully complete online estimating process. Once we've got these details, precise aerial measurements will be applied to your proposal.

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Please enter the square footage of exterior wall area that need to be sided

If you have no idea about it here is a quick tip: in most cases floor area is corelated to exterior wall area as 1 to 1.2. Easy Sample, if interior floor area is 1000 sq.f. , exterior should be around 1200 sq.f.


How Many Outside corners Does Your Ground Floorplan Have?

What percantage of your home need new siding?


If for some reason you are not going to install siding on your whole house, please chose the best match. Final scope of work will be determined during in-home consult.

Number of stories excluding basement and attic?


Dont' include unfinished basement or attic spaces.In case if you have finished basement and attic they need to be determined as extra floor and need to be reflected in your answer.

Roughly How Large You Home Is?

Does your home have gables?


A gable is the generally triangular portion of a wall between the edges of intersecting roof pitches.

Does your home have garage that need siding?

Does your home have Bay/Bow windows or patio doors?

Does your home have dormers?


A dormer is a roofed structure, often containing a window, that projects vertically beyond the plane of a pitched roof. A dormer window is a form of roof window. Dormers are commonly used to increase the usable space in a loft and to create window opening


Question in this categoty are referring to general look of material that you've chosen.

Exposure of the siding


Siding exposure is the width of one course of siding.

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Color of the siding


Color accuracy will vary based on monitor and printer calibrations. Please request a free color sample before placing your order. More colors available. Please check with your installer during in-home consult.

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Style of Outside corners


Possibility of applying different types and styles of outside corners could be determined during home in-home consult. it depends on shape of the structure and elevation of foundation. 3.5'' corner to be used for vinyl siding, 5.5" corners to be used for



Please answer all question below regarding your installation.

More information

Questions in this category are covering basic details of your installation process.

Type of install


It's highly recommended to strip all existing siding before applying any new materials. With vinyl siding installation layover option is available. In this case existing siding has to be either wood cedar shakes or wood clapboards.

Trim package to be installed



Gutter replacement is not typically part of either siding or roofing replacement, but could be performed per your request. Also gutter could be replaced anytime after project completion.

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Different colors and sizes are available.This will be negotiated with customer during the initial installation. In case if you decided to keep existing shutters installer is not responsible for any damages due to wear off conditions.

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Was your house built before 1978?

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Please review your project summary below. Per you request, we can upgrade your project with options, that are not available on our website.Please add additional instructions if necessary.

ProductId 50
Siding materials Vinyl siding
Color of the siding Autumn Yellow
Exposure of the siding 7"
Style of Outside corners Outside Corner post
Type of install New construction / Layover
Trim package to be installed Leave my existing trim as is
Gutters Keep my existing
Shutters Maybe, I'll decide later
Was your house built before 1978? Yes, before 1978


  • Complete tear-off of existing siding (up to 2 layers) and underlayments in order to expose and confirm integrity of the existing wall sheathing (Strip & replace installation only). 
  • Installation of your choice siding panels according to the manufacturer's specifications with corrosion resistant nails.
  • Inspect the wall sheathing for rotted or damaged wood.Replacing of 100 sq.feet of rotted wall sheating is complimentary. If wood decking that needed to be replaced exceed 100 sq.feet it will be installed at $65 per sheet of plywood (4'x8'). Or $4 per linear foot of wood boards.
  • Install new house wrap on all sheathing surfaces with staples. All seams to be taped down to form sealed, breathable moisture barrier that keeps walls dry and prevent any mold and water damages.
  • Install new 3/16 backer board for lining up of existing siding. (Layover projects only, available as an upgrade per customers request).
  • Installation of your choice aluminum j-less wrap/ PVC board casing or J-channels around all doors and windows. Finish trim along all edges and window sill to be installed.
  • All windows and door casing to be properly flashed and sealed with color match caulking.
  • Install corner posts on all corners to receive siding panels and create finished look. Material type to be used for corners to be determined by customer. Different styles and types are available as an upgrade option.
  • Installation of your choice trim material on soffit and fascia areas: either aluminum wrap with vinyl soffit or PVC board depends on your choice.
  • Installation of factory made vinyl or custom made PVC blocks for all light fixtures, faucets, outlets , dryer vents etc.All wall penetration to be properly sealed to prevent any water or insects from getting in.
  • Removal of existing downspouts (keep gutters in place) to avoid any damage during the siding installation OR replacement with new gutters and downspouts if selected.  Micro Guard gutter protection system is available as an upgrade option.
  • Wall areas along chimneys, decks, rooflines to be properly flashed if needed.( Sections where all above meet with siding).
  • All wall accessories that were removed prior the installation to be  fastened back.(Door bell; mail box, house number, light fixtures, AC line covers, cameras).
  • Clean up of all debris and perform magnetic sweep of the property to pick up any loose nails.
  • Ladders will have stabilizers and protective pads to help protect your property; Shrubs and landscaping near roof line will be protected with tarping as needed.
  • Dumpster on site to be supplied by UBrothers Construction. Delivery of dumpster to a mutually agreed location. Prompt removal of dumpster after project completion
  • All Permits filed with your local town Hall.
  • Customer will get 5 Year One time Transferable Warranty on all workmanship.