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Wood Patio Door

Majesty Hinged Wood Patio Door

Brand: Harvey

Majesty Hinged Patio Doors’ classic hardware and French panel design offer accessible entryways that swing in, inviting in the fresh air, or swing out, making the outdoors an extension of your home. 

  • Low-maintenance, durable and secure aluminum clad exterior with warm solid pine interior
  • Traditional French panels in 1, 2, 3 and 4-Lite design configurations
  • Secure single handle lock or choose a multipoint lock for additional security
  • Adjustable ball bearing hinges ensure smooth operation
  • Continuous fiberglass sill guards your home against water infiltration
  • Factory applied installation options fast-track your custom replacement or new construction projects
  • Keep insects out and let the fresh air in with an optional VIEWS, virtually invisible, screen


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Configuration for patio doors

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Interior finish

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Exterior finish

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Hardware options

Blinds between the Glass

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Exterior keyed lock

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Lock and handle style

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Was your house built before 1978?

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ProductName Majesty Hinged Wood Patio Door
ProductId 98
Doors materials Wood
Exterior finish White
Interior finish Pine
Configuration for patio doors Two Panel (Small)
Blinds between the Glass No
Exterior keyed lock No
Lock and handle style for patio Handle
Hardware color patio White
Choose your grids style None
Do you want to add storm doors/Insect screen? No
Was your house built before 1978? Yes, before 1978


  • Complete remeasuring, ordering and delivery of your choice door system.
  • Complete removal and disposal of existing door(s)
  • Installation of your choice of door system according to the manufacturer's specifications.
  • Installation of your choice of storm door, if selected, according to the manufacturer's specifications
  • Proper shimming to ensure the door(s) are square and level within the openings
  • Door(s) will be secured in place with proper fasteners through the nailfin and/or jamb
  • Careful removal and reinstallation of existing interior trim OR installation of new interior trim
  • Exterior trim will be removed and reinstalled  OR replaced with new exterior PVC trim.
  • Sill pan installed for extra protection against water infiltration
  • Door(s) will be cleaned and tested for proper operation
  • Thorough clean-up and removal of all dust and debris after installation is complete
  • All appropriate lead-safe work procedures will be followed if required per federal and state guidelines
  • All installations performed by UBrothers Construction  owner occupied homes are guaranteed for 10 years from the date of job completion and for one year for rental or commercial properties. This warranty covers any defects or functional issues that fall outside of the manufacturer's warranty and are a result of an error or oversight that occurred during the installation process.